Kerala Honeymoon

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Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters Tourism

The undisputed main attraction of a trip to kerala is travelling through the 900 km, network of  waterways that fringe the coast and trickle far inland.  Long before the advent of roads these waterways were the slippery highways of Kerala, and many villagers today still use paddle power as transport.  Trips through the backwaters cross shallow, palm-fringed lakes studded with cantilevered Chinese fishing nets, and travel along narrow, shady canals where coir(coconut fibre) copra (dried coconut meat) and cashews are loaded onto boats.  Along the way are small villages with mosques, churches, temples and schools, villagers going about their daily chores  and tiny settlements where people live on narrow spits of reclaimed land only a few metres wide.

Kerala Backwaters
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