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Munnar Attractions, Munnar Travel Guide, Informations

On the drive from Thekkady to Munnar, a good road winds through lofty forests as well as spice and tea plantations.  The town of Munnar itself is small and unattractive, but most of the land around it is owned by the Tata tea company and a few smaller concerns.  The result is an unspoiled hill station, with hundreds of acres of tea, coffee, and cardamom plantations amid hills, lakes, streams, and waterfalls.  During your visit  you can tour these plantations; arrange trekking, rock-climbing, paragliding, and river trips; or just sit on your hotel balcony with a cup of tea, taking in the scenery.

Most lodgings can arrange a tea plantation tour, where you can walk through the steeply pitched, dense green hedges, and see how the leaf is processed.  (The awful truth is that the dregs of the batch get shipped to America.)  Cardamom plantations are just this side of heaven.  The shade-loving spice needs plenty of forest cover, so a walk through a plantations feels like a stroll in the woods, complete with dappled sunlight, mountain streams, and birdsong.  Its quite cool here, so you don’t need to find a hotel with air-conditioning.

The Rajamala National Park, 15 km(9 mi) northwest of Munnar, is home to the endangered nilgiri tahr.  You can get close to this endearingly tame mountain goat, pushed to the brink of extinction by its utter lack of suspicion toward human beings.  Half the world’s remaining population live here.  None that the park is closed during monsoon season, roughly July to mid-August.

Driving directions - Cochin to Munnar
Road Way : 140Km | Aprox. time- 4 hrs
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